Center 3: Integration & Innovation

  • Public capability development guidance and provide capability development training to cross-functional teams/enterprise partners
  • Plan and execute the FVEY Capability Development Summit and Capability Development Working Groups to support senior leader decisions
  • Analyze capability development priorities and lines of effort
  • Define analytic and assessment requirements, coordinate execution, develop results and build tools for Air Force Futures teammates
  • Design and execute agile, focused wargames and analytically support Title 10 wargames (Global Engagement, Futures Game, etc.) to test, refine, and analyze USAF strategy, force structure implications, and key decision points
  • Scout for emerging technology trends and serve as linkage to labs, academia, industry, and innovation hubs
  • Forge connections between technologists, strategists, and warfighters to leverage research and development resources
  • Shepherd early stage incubation of high-value technologies to drive meaningful innovation
  • Lead efforts in support of CSAF Action Order on Bureaucracy to restructure the Department of the Air Force to accelerate change
  • Support the integration of a cohesive, prioritized force design into planning and programming
  • Develop and integrate future force design in consideration of human capital, infrastructure and posture, and systems
  • Oversee, advise, and pursue integration of Allies & Partners into capability development and future force design efforts