Who We Are

Air Force Futures represents the voice of tomorrow’s Airmen to help ensure they are organized, trained, and equipped to face competitors with confidence in the future.

In Air Force Futures, we value diverse perspectives, constructive debate, transparency, and open communication. We actively collaborate across the enterprise to develop forward-thinking strategies and concepts, envision future capabilities, and shepherd the requirements process for the Air Force. Our work reflects our ability to adapt, which is rooted in agility, innovation, and continuous learning. We apply a disciplined approach to thinking about the future, building our credibility through proven competence, moral courage, and durable relationships. We want young Airmen to see our work and feel excited about their future with the Air Force.

We recognize the need to build upon the strong foundation laid by our predecessors and drive a shift in Air Force culture to hand off a healthy, relevant, and resilient Air Force to those who serve after us. Our work to build a new type of staff organization for the Air Force aims to help our senior leaders better navigate tough decisions and new challenges in an era of great power competition. We acknowledge the integral role of our nation’s other Services, along with our Allies and partners, and know we are strongest when we work together.

As we work with talented teammates from across the enterprise, we:

          -  Appreciate the challenges they face
          -  Implement strategies, develop concepts, and identify technologies to meet these challenges
          -  Develop capabilities that preserve advantage for tomorrow’s Airmen
          -  Identify the training and organizations tomorrow’s Airmen will need
          -  Promote interdependence with Allies and partners across the globe
          -  Integrate our efforts into a coherent force design that fits into a broader Joint design
          -  Help our senior leaders make decisions that stick


"...we must be willing to work differently to make timely decisions. We must ensure our processes at all levels encourage innovative approaches that are not risk-averse, and embrace diversity of thought and experiences to help us consider broader sets of options.”
General CQ Brown, Jr.
Chief of Staff of the
United States Air Force
August 2020