Center 2: Capability Development

  • Provide subject matter expertise across a wide range of Air Force concepts, strategies, platforms, and requirements
  • Serve as liaison/coordinating function with multiple stakeholders, including MAJCOMs, HAF/SAF, research and development, testing and evaluation, and industry, to collaborate on capability development efforts
  • Coordinate with logistics, installation, and mission support communities to represent warfighter needs
  • Collaborate and integrate beyond traditional Department stovepipes and communications channels to achieve National Defense Strategy modernization mandates on competition-relevant timelines
  • Guide future force design decisions by identifying capability gaps, orchestrating an enterprise-wide approach to problem solving, and developing Capability Development Plans to articular the way forward for each portfolio
  • Leverage the Joint Requirements Oversight Council to advocate for the Department's position and improve joint collaboration
  • Serve as the Air Force lead for joint operational requirements integration with the Joint Requirements Oversight Council, Joint Capability Board, and Functional Capability Boards
  • Manage the formal review, staffing, and validation of Air Force and joint capability requirements documents
  • Provide matrixed capability development analysis for FITs/CFTs and support product development across Air Force Futures
  • Support/provide rapid prototyping and fielding to address short- and near-term capability gaps and shortfalls