Center 1: Conceptual Design

  • Lead efforts for CSAF Action Order on Competition to renew the USAF's emphasis on competitive thinking and comparative analysis to advance the USAF's ability to successfully out-compete potential adversaries
  • Engage and advocate with the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Staff to develop a two-way communications loop for high-level guidance and supporting Department of the Air Force strategies 
  • Establish a strategic competition stakeholder neural network to create a long-term advantage mindset
  • Broaden efforts to accelerate change and provide key decision support to DAF leadership
  • Synthesize inputs and analysis across stakeholders to assess USAF advantages over key competitors 
  • Incorporate Allies & Partners into the equation for change
  • Serve as USAF lead for global posture issues to the Global Posture Executive Council / Integration Team
  • Serve as USAF lead for the Joint Planning and Execution Community and integrate equities across Combatant Command Campaign Plans
  • Serve as USAF representative to the FVEY Air Force Interoperability Council Management Committee and other fora to ensure alignment with key alliance concepts and standards
  • Collaborate with the Joint Staff to accelerate development of the Joint Warfighting Concept
  • Serve as USAF lead for developing operating and supporting concepts to describe how we will fight in the future and address emerging operational challenges